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Editor: Mike Pike Issue No: 176 (August 2019) Club:Old Wilsonians
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“THAT WAS NEVER LBW” President’s Day remembers one of the greats

July is always a busy month for the Cricket Club, seeing, as it does, the end of the colts season, cricket week, President’s day and giving us a clearer picture of what our Saturday senior league sides will need to do as they embark on the final full month of the summer – cricket wise, that is. We also found time to play, and beat, the School’s 1st Xl
President’s day is always an ideal curtain raiser for cricket week as we pay tribute to our President, currently Jasper Gundry-White, and the sun shone brightly on his righteousness with the cricket taking the form of three T20 games, representing the President himself, the Chairman and the Club captain, the highlight almost certainly being Siva’s five 6s in consecutive balls. Asked why he tamely hit the last ball to mid-wicket he responded:
“I felt sorry for David (Pilgrim)”, who was bowling at the time
The Bar was open all day, so it may be pointless asking many of those in attendance the results of the games, and there were many fond and familiar faces gracing the day, including a cluster of former Presidents
The occasion was also memorable for paying tribute to one of the greatest, Mike Kendrick, and a bench was unveiled in his honour and his ashes were placed in the memorial garden, whilst we will also plant a tree alongside that of another out-standing President and Mike’s good friend, Ian Forbes
“We will soon have a forest going around the boundary line” observed Club captain Alex Forbes, whilst Mike’s son, Neil, also paid his tribute “to a strong man”, quite literally
“His strong grip was still there right until the end”, Neil informed
Mike’s bench will be inscribed with the maxim “That was never lbw”, and it was good to see many of the Kendrick family sitting on it as the afternoon progressed
Good weather is always essential for this event and the cricket week that was to follow and, thankfully, we were blessed on each day – the Thursday is said to have been the hottest day in the UK on record
The results were mixed; victory against the Barry Hainsworth Xl and Dulwich, defeats to Upminster and Old Olavians and on Thursday, which also saw a champagne breakfast and two curries as part of a T20 extravaganza against Bromley Common and ODCUACO , we beat both of our local rivals
Just to prove how lucky we had been it started raining late on Friday night and did not stop until well into the Saturday afternoon, meaning that all of our Saturday games were off. So how do we approach the final weeks of the season?
The 1st Xl are on a roll at the moment, with three successive victories and it is a shame that the weather has cost them the opportunity to progress even further; the 2nd Xl are just above the drop line but should be ok; the 3rd Xl, having won promotion last season, have struggled but a couple of wins should see them safe, and the same can be said about the 4ths, whilst the 5ths cannot be relegated as they are already in the bottom division!
Finally some bad news for the 1st Xl skipper. Of the 5,500 road kill sightings logged by ‘Project Splatter’ so far this year, 905 were badgers, 475 were foxes and 453 hedgehogs. It is estimated that there are 485.000 badgers in the UK, and that tens of thousands are run over each year

Who to contact and how

President: Jasper Gundry-White 07789 934867 (Mobile)
Email: jaspergw@ntlworld.com
Chairman Jeff Mascarenhas 07967 484634 (Mobile)
Email: jeffmascarenhas17@gmail.com
Vice-Chair Dave Welch
Email:dgwelch1975@sky.com 07528 691488 (Mobile)
Colts Chairperson: Barrie Frampton
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Club Captain: Alex Forbes 07855 273218 (Mobile)
Email: Alexforbes46@hotmail.co.uk
Secretary: Mike Pike 020 8659 6443 (H)
Email: owmikepike@yahoo.co.uk
Welfare Officer Jane Kempthorn 07886 412166 (Mobile)
Email: jane.owccmembership@hotmail.co.uk
Treasurer: Andy Spedding 07973 847469 (Mobile)
Email: andy.spedding@hotmail.co.uk
Fixtures Secretary: Laurence Allen 07946 635020 (Mobile)
Email: Loz_Allen@hotmail.com
Website Administrator and
Communications Officer : Steve Lawrence
Email: steverlawrence@gmail.com

1st XI Michael Mitchell
Email: michaelgmitchell@live.co.uk 07721 628117 (M)
2nf XI: Howard Abbett 0208 777 5522
Email: Howard.Abbett@ntlworld.com
3rd Xl: Josh Holland
Email: hollandiam26@gmail.com 07494400621 (M)
4th XI Neil Treacher
Email: tapir7@tiscali.co.uk 07956513331
5th XI Alex Forbes 07855 273218 (M)
Sunday Development: Velson Deverajulu 07814 577206 (M)
Email: velsendevarajulu@icloud.com
Sunday Friendly Tony Sherlock 07881 277283 (M)
Email: tony@cobraconcrete.co.uk
Paul Jenkins
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T20 Velson Deverajulu 07814 577206 (M)
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July Results

The School 128 for 9 OWs 129 for 4 (Eric Massey trophy) Won by 6 wickets

Beckenham 156 for 3 Under 13 36 Lost by 120 runs

Orpington 141 for 9 1st Xl 142 for 2 Won by 8 wickets

2nd Xl 164 Old Colfeians 169 for 9 Lost by 1 wicket

3rd Xl 90 Blackheath 91 for 7 Lost by 3 wickets

4th Xl 116 for 6 Holmesdale 117 for 4 Lost by 6 wickets

5th Xl 235 Bexleyheath 88 Won by 147 runs

Under 15b Beckenham OWs conceded

ODCUACO 108 Under 11 109 for 8 Won by 2 wickets

Sidcup 111 for 8 Under 19 112 for 6 Won by 4 wickets

Hayes 99 for 4 Under 11 79 for 9 Lost by 20 runs

The Mote 231 1st Xl 233 for 6 Won by 4 wickets

2nd Xl 339 for 4 The Mote 225 for 5 Won by 114 runs

3rd Xl 165 for 8 Bexley 5th Xl 135 for 9 Won by 30 runs

Beckenham 247 for 4 4th Xl 208 for 5 Lost by 39 runs

Streatham &
Marlborough 170 for 7 5th Xl 77 Lost by 93 runs

Under 15a 78 for 8 Gravesend 82 for 4 Lost by 6 wickets

Dartford 95 Under 15b 83 Lost by 12 runs

ODCUACO 123 for 6 Under 11 64 Lost by 59 runs

Bromley 152 for 2 Under 13 34 Lost by 118 runs

Under 19 170 for 6 Old Elthamians 114 for 6 Won by 56 runs

1st Xl Chestfield No play possible

2nd Xl 130 Bexleyheath 130 for 4 Lost by 6 wickets

3rd Xl Dartford No play possible

Beckenham 182 for 9 5th Xl 150 Lost by 32 runs

Barry Hainsworth Xl 164 for 9 OW X1 170 for 7 Won by 3 wickets

OW Xl 256 for 6 Upminster 258 for 2 Lost b 8 wickets

Old Olavians 239 for 7 OW Xl 112 Lost by 127 runs

Bromley Common 135 for 6 OW Xl 138 for 1 (T 20) Won by 9 wickets

OW Xl 192 for 4 ODCUACO 184 for 9 (T 20) Won by 8 runs

Dulwich 161 for 8 OW Xl 162 for 4 Won by 6 wickets

1st Xl Ashford Town No play possible

2nd Xl Blackheath No play possible

3rd Xl Swanscombe &Greenhithe No play possible

4th Xl New Ash Green No play possible

Sunday Development 148 for 6 ODCUAO 132 for 9 Won by 16 runs

Under 15a Bromley Old Wilsonians conceded

FIRST HALF OF THE SEASON ENDS CONVINCINGLY Orpington 141 for 9. 1st Xl 142 for 2

The 1st Xl went into this game knowing that a win would take them out of the bottom two, and put Orpington, their opponents, into one of the relegation positions in their stead as we reached the mid-point of the league season
Encouraged by their business-like victory against Dartford the week before, the 1sts fielded the same team – would consistency in team selection/availability be mirrored by the result. Well, Yes, but even more so
It took DEW just two balls to dismiss their overseas player and although he did not take another wicket his ten overs cost just eight runs, a lesson in frugality which surpassed even the skipper’s meanness of the week before and Orpington’s run rate never got above three an over as everyone bowled tightly
We also took wickets – always good in a game of cricket – and at the end of the 38th over our hosts were 97 for 8 – could we dismiss them for less than three figures?
“It’s not easy out there” declared their number three after being seventh out and having scored 20 in all but 38 overs, but their last two wickets showed that the wicket contained no demons by putting on 44 between them. The real demons, of course, were our bowlers. ‘Mitch’ built on his 3 for 11 from the previous week to claim 4 for 24, Elliott Bettridge induced their potentially dangerous number 5 to smash a ball straight to mid-wicket, Matt Golding finished with 2 for 41, despite bowling 13 wides, and Jonathan Rodda, who seems to have addressed his tendency to bowl wide of the leg stump, picked up one
Velson and Josh then shared a first wicket partnership of 56 before the latter edged a catch to the ‘keeper for 24 and the total was in three figures when Velson fell to a slip catch for 45, after which Syd Sherlock and Matt then saw us home with relative ease
This was good, verging on ruthless cricket from the 1st Xl. They bowled tightly throughout, picked up wickets on a regular basis, restricted their opponents to under 150 and then got home for the loss of just two wickets with partnerships of 56, 47 and 39, the latter unbeaten, which saw us put a 12 point gap between ourselves and Orpington – at the start of the game we had been six points behind them
The first object of any game of cricket is to win it and the second is to deny your opponents as many points as possible, particularly if they are one of your main competitors at whichever end of the table that might be. Today Orpington resembled a British entry in the Eurovision Song contest in that they got 0 points
In my report of the game against Dartford I described the likelihood of our pushing Minster into third place as ‘fanciful’ and although I have not changed my mind we certainly should not fear them or, indeed, any side in this division
There is no doubt in my mind that the second half of our season will be far superior to the first and a top five finish is more than achievable, but then I am also old enough to remember the days when the UK won the Eurovision song contest; and on a regular basis!
MOM : ‘Mitch’ - his 4 for 24 ensured we were chasing a low total and deprived Orpington of any batting points
Devarajulu Lawrence.J (Syd)Sherlock Golding Ifill Gold Mitchell Rooda.J Pryor Bettridge Ellicott-White

AND THE SECOND HALF STARTS WELL, TOO The Mote 231, 1st Xl 233 for 6

Everyone will have their own way of preparing for their Saturday afternoon of cricket on the preceding Friday evening. A quiet family meal, perhaps, followed by an early night; catching up with ‘Eastenders’ – that Keanu Taylor must have a death wish, sleeping with Phil Mitchell’s wife and his daughter; and they’re both pregnant!
For me Friday night is music night which, on this occasion, took me to Hyde Park to see Neil Young and Bob Dylan. The former was in great form, with a set that covered virtually every aspect of his out-standing 50 year career and he left the audience asking for more. Bob Dylan, on the other hand, was………. a big disappointment.
The Mote have a long and distinguished pedigree and play on a ground that is designed to accommodate vast numbers of spectators, with a pavilion that it is veritable warren. There are steep concrete staircases inside, one of which leads to a last resting place for flies and their version of a care home – or perhaps Dignitas - and which also doubles as a shower, whilst if you take the ascending stairs you suspect that you might encounter Mrs Rochester but, in reality, it leads to an area which you conclude might have been used as a score-box in years gone by
But enough of this rambling inconsequence and so to the game – about time, too, I hear you cry
The Mote were relegated from Division One last season and were our first opponents of the season at Hayes where they gave us a sound beating - they hit 244 for 6 and then bowled us out for 59. They came into this game on a four match winning run and at the start of the 36th over their score stood at 156 for 1, with DEW about to start his second spell, and his fourth ball produced a wicket to see the score change to 157 for 2
No need to panic, you would conclude, with eight wickets and 12 overs remaining and a final total of in excess of 250 well within their grasp. However, during those 12 overs we took eight wickets and they added 74 runs, which was, it is true, more than one a ball, but we took eight wickets, which was considerably fewer than we would have anticipated at the start of the 39th over
DEW finished with 4 for 30 and Syd Sherlock 5 for 37; Josh Lawrence took three neat catches and Jacob Gold and Velson both held onto vital chances, whilst Louis finished with two stumpings and a catch or, in other words, it had been a team effort as we played ourselves back into the game
We started badly, the usually reliable Josh and Velson both being dismissed within a run of each other, both caught at slip off a bowler with a wealth of Premier Division experience; now was the time to rebuild
Matt and Syd then put on 50 before the latter departed for 22 and then Akem and Matt added a further 49 before Matt hit a straight drive only for the bowler to get his finger-tips to the ball as he followed through to deflect it onto the stumps to see Akim run out for 18
Jacob Gold and Matt produced 43 for the fifth wicket before Jacob was trapped lbw for 24, at which point Matt was on 75 and the score had reached 165
“You’ll have to get all of the runs on your own”, an opposing fielder discourteously and incorrectly opined, and when Matt departed for 94 we were 193 for 4, at which point the skipper was joined by the vice-skipper, and they not only saw us home but with 22 balls to spare
This was the 1st Xl’s third victory in a row, and all batting second - their ‘never say die’ attitude and ability to put partnerships together being the difference between the two sides
MOM : Syd Sherlock - his 5 for 37 blew way The Mote’s tail and he then hit a valuable 22; his caught and bowled must also be a contender for ‘champagne moment’ of the season
Devarajulu Lawrence.J (Syd)Sherlock Golding Ifill Gold Mitchell Rooda.J Pryor Bettridge Ellicott-White

An alternative view

Old Wilsonians had their revenge over The Mote. Bowled out for 59 earlier in the season, rejuvenated Wilsonians won the return match in Maidstone by four wickets
Mote captain James Marriott said: “It’s a really tough defeat to take but one where we have to say the better side won. The Mote must learn from this and move forward. We have to put more pressure on ring fielders throughout the 50 overs, and we must look to run the first run hard to open a possibility of a two to players out on the boundaries.”
The Mote handed a debut to 15 year-old Oliver Watts and were cruising along at four an over early on and didn’t lose a wicket until the 22nd over , Matt White nicking to the ‘keeper for 34 with the score on 83
Wickets in hand was going to be the key in the last 20 overs but Wilsonians bowled well, taking the pace off the ball. They twice dropped Richard Coles, who went on to make 73 from 104 balls, but with David Ellicott-White, 4 for 30, and Sydney Sherlock, 5 for 37, on form, The Mote were all out for 231
Glen Aukett twice found the edge as two good catches in the slips from Chris Black saw Wilsonians 24 for 2. But they batted well, with Matthew Golding making 94, and completed victory with almost four overs to spare

The above appeared in the “Folkestone and Hythe Express” and my thanks to David White for making this available to this newsletter

BEATEN BUT NOT DISGRACED Beckenham 182 for 9, 5th Xl 150

The 5th Xl are a lot quieter than the 1st Xl and there is a certain irony about that because, and in their game against Bexleyheath on July 6th , there were four members of the Forbes family playing for them – and please see photograph elsewhere
On this occasion there were only two of them – the two eldest brothers – Alex, the skipper and Doug, recovering from an injury which means he cannot bowl so was playing as an opening batsman. It was Richard Harris, an erstwhile 1st Xl captain, who first noticed Doug’s qualities of playing against the new ball as opposed to using it and he spent a season in this position and reasonably successfully - seem to remember him getting 60 + at Rainham
Heavy overnight rain and a cloudburst about an hour before the game was due to start put this game in doubt but the ground was declared fit for play and, upon winning the toss, skipper Alex Forbes elected to bowl and the Beckenham openers put on 58 for the first wicket before Grahame Nelson trapped one of them lbw, which opened the door for us and we took a further eight wickets for the loss of another 124 runs before their innings came to an end on 182 for 9, a score which we would probably have settled for
The wickets were spread around, Matthew Carruthers, Grahame Nelson and Steve Lawrence getting two each and Nick Herbert and Zac Desouza one-a-piece, the ninth wicket being a run out executed by James Dunkley; it was now down to the batsmen
“I never hit the ball in the air”, proclaimed opener Doug, who then hit the first ball he received to point who was too slow off the mark to execute the catch. However, it did not matter that much as our hero was soon bowled for four, after which Beckenham took wickets on a regular basis to secure a 32 run victory.
Zac Desouza, cheered on by his grand-father, top scored with 38, which contained eight 4s, all executed with a flourish and style, whilst the highest stand of the innings was one of 34 between skipper Alex (10) and Laurence Allen (21), although Matt Carruthers (20) and Nick Herbert (9 n.o) ran them close with a last wicket stand of 31, which gave us hope and caused Beckenham a few anxious moments
Other highlights included a neat running catch by Archie Bolton, some excellent ground fielding and Viki’s photographs
So the 5th Xl were beaten but certainly not disgraced, playing against a Club with a high pedigree and illustrious history
Forbes.D Nelson (Aaron)Steel Bolton Desouza Allen Forbes.A Dunkley Lawrence.S Herbert,N Carruthers.M

Email to the Editor

Good morning Mike,
I’m the Editor of Notcher’s News (NN), a free quarterly e-newsletter for scorers. Yesterday I was handed a copy of the Kent Cricket League 2019 handbook opened at your article.
Having read the article I’m writing to ask if you would be willing to share it with the many scorers in the UK and across the world who receive NN.
With your permission I would like to include it in the September issue. The only alteration I would ask to make is to change the ‘rejoinder’ to ‘response’ as scorers; this may be better for some of the scorers whose first language isn’t English.
If you are happy your name would appear above the article but only with your permission.
If you’re not familiar with the newsletter you can find back copies at http://www.notchers.co.uk
Cathy Rawson
Letter to the Editor

Dear Mr Pike,
Virginia and I are very cross because you take away our Daddy on Bank Holidays.
We think Daddy is a rotter. Mummy thinks so too.
You could have the matches in the afternoon on week days when we are at school so it wouldn’t matter.
When Dad goes to cricket we all Boo him loudly. If you listen you will probably hear the boos
Lots of love from Susannah and Virginia
P.S. We like you really

Yes, this was a hand-written letter, not an email, and delivered to me personally 44 years ago by Peter Hubert when I was fixtures secretary and was written by his eldest daughter, Susannah, supported by her younger sister, Virginia, protesting about the fact that their Dad was out playing cricket when he should have been at home playing with them
A framed copy of the letter is now proudly displayed in the score-box and is by far and away my most treasured possession, whilst Susannah and Virginia will also be receiving a copy

They say “always leave the best to last” but as that is not available, the above will have to do! Doug, Sammy, Alex and Stuart pose – and they are all good at that - for a photograph during/after/before the 5th Xl’s game against Bexleyheath on July 6th ; Ian would have been proud
Note that they all have different sponsors; apart from Stuart, who has none at all
“I’m a brand name in my own right”, he proclaimed
The side won by a convincing 147 runs, but how did our four heroes get on individually?
Doug scored 70 - show off - whilst Sammy (13), Alex (7) and Stuart (2) added to the side’s total of 235 for 9
None of them bowled but Sam took a catch, as Bexleyheath were dismissed for just 88


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