OWCC Colts End of Season Award Winners

Newsletter  •  cricket newsletter  •  Posted 7th October 2019

Colt Award Winners from the 2019 Season
U11 Most Improved Player Jude Reid
U11 Player of the Season Eoin Matthews

U13 Most Improved Player Oliver Reid
U13 Player of the Season Josh Frampton

U15B Most Improved Player Dylan Byrne
U15B Player of the Season James Dunkley

U15A Most Improved Player Sam Cashetto
U15A Player of the Season Zac Desouza

Outstanding Colt Performance of the Season Oliie Willis

Colt of the Season Andrew Pomering

Colts Person of the Season Dave Ellicott-White

In addition to the above Awards the following Colts were also recognised
Awards for District Representation U10 Eoin Matthews,
U11 Benjamin Rodda
U14 Nathan Carpenter
U14 James Sellar
U14 Ollie Willis

Young Leaders Henry Brown
Dylan Byrne
Jools Collier
Max Frampton
Lawrence Wilson

Jack Petchy Winners U11-U13 - Oliver Reed
U15-U16 Jointly, Sam Headley & James Dunkley

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