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cricket newsletter  •  Posted 1st May 2019




Editor:  Mike Pike                    Issue  No:  172 (May  2019)   Club:Old Wilsonians

68a Knighton Park Rd                                                            Hayes Hill

Sydenham SE26 5RL                            Hayes, Bromley,

Tel:  020 8659-6443                                                                            Kent

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Mike Kendrick


            It is sixty years since the Old Wisonians’ Cricket Club played its first game in Hayes Hill and, in all probability, one of its members was Mike Kendrick, who ultimately scored 22,462 in our colours, more than any other player in our history

            Sadly I have to report Mike’s death as we look forward to a new cricket season and our condolences are extended to Anne, Neil, Maria and the rest of the Kendrick family

            At the time of writing his funeral has yet to take place and I will write a more detailed tribute to Mike in the next edition and would be pleased to print similar thoughts from others, particularly his contemporaries. In the meantime I will simply say that his contribution to the cricket club and the Association per se was enormous in that he, and a few other dedicated individuals, laid the foundation stones back in 1959 to build the outstanding Club we all now enjoy

            And as the 2019 season gets under-way we should all remember the wisdom of his words,

“Playing is easy; it is the other contributions you make that really count”

            Let us all remember those words and resolve to do just that little bit more for the OWCC in the months and years to come; that would be the ideal tribute to Mike’s memory


…………..  Other news

            Our Chairman, Jeff Mascarenhas, writes a message of welcome to the new season on the next page and also tells you what has been happening during the winter.

            He also mentions two upcoming events, at the time he wrote his piece -  the Quiz Night and Cricketforce, both of which, of course,  have now taken place – and please see later

            The Cricket Club again took part in the ‘Alf Parish Memorial Darts match’ and thanks to Jasper Gundry-White, Stephen Millward, Jeff Mascarenhas and Peter Urquhart for representing us so well. The competition was won – and for the third year in a row – by our fellow subsidiary, the Old Wilsonians’ Football Club, although at least three of their number bore a stunning resemblance to those who play cricket! A report of the event appears later in this edition

            The season got off to a magnificent ‘official’ start on Friday April 26th when the Club was buzzing, bouncing and packed to the rafters for our annual registration/quiz night. And what a magnificent job Margo and Blodd made of the latter, with questions which reflected up to date news – the tragic death of Lyra McKee, Mo Farah’s spat with Haile Gebrselassie and Paul Pogba’s inclusion in the PFA’s team of the year. This shows how much time and effort they both put into the event

            Jane Kempthorn and Graham Watts were on hand to ensure that the registration process was conducted in a professional and efficient matter and that we comply with the rules and regulations of the three leagues – colts and seniors – we play in

            And the following day there was a magnificent turn-out, and from all sections of the Club, in support of CricketForce to ensure that everything is now ready for the start of the season

            Good luck to all of our teams in the months ahead; let’s make it a season to remember. This newsletter is at your disposal to record the triumphs, and ‘occasional’ disasters of you and your team mates, so please use it (Ironically I have already received contributions from members of both Harvel and Lordswood cricket clubs – they will appear next month – both of which are welcome , but this  publication is primarily for the use of Old Wilsonians, so please use it)  


OWCC  2019  WELCOME   -   a message from your Chair


On behalf of the Old Wilsonians' Cricket Club Committee, I would like to welcome all senior and junior players, parents and supporters to the 2019 cricket season.  The arrival of a new summer always brings some changes from the previous year – in our case three of the five senior Saturday league teams will be led by different captains, while our Colt's section has undergone a revamp of its coaching structure – but with change comes opportunity.  It is sincerely hoped that when opportunities arise this summer, they are grabbed with both hands!

            The first pre-season fixture took place on April 13th where the team wore several sweaters under grey skies, and incredibly at one point proceedings were delayed by the arrival of sleet! Nevertheless, the sun shone brightly over the Easter weekend when  Stephen  Millward was spotted on the roller, players across all senior teams were practicing under the guidance of our First XI Captain, Michael Mitchell, and following a successful winter ,  the Colts have enjoyed their first outdoor training session led by new Head Coach Jon Rodda.  Summer must be here at last!

            Plenty has been happening at your Club throughout  the winter.  For example, under the leadership of our President,  Jasper Gundry-White, the refurbishment of the nets is being completed this month, funding has been secured by our Treasurer, Andy Spedding,  to upgrade the facilities at Hawes Down with the imminent arrival of new sight screens, whilst Dave Ellicott-White is completing arrangements with a new kit supplier for senior players.  Have you ordered kit from the Club Shop  yet?

            Colts’ Chair Barrie Frampton is building a team to deliver the vision of Old Wilsonians being the Club of choice for junior cricket in the area, and recently updated parents as to where we are on this journey.  In addition to appointing a new Head Coach, the Colts’ Club has also supported several individuals through their enhanced coaching qualifications in recent months, and observing the team in action with the youngsters last week was a real delight.  The Colts’ section offers prospects to children from the age of 5 upwards, and we seek support in a handful of roles to improve their cricketing enjoyment.  However much, or little,  cricketing knowledge you possess, however much or little time you can commit, there are ways you can help.  Please speak with Barrie for further information.

            This Friday 26th April sees our traditional start-of-season registration and social evening.  Have you booked your place with Margo Lawrence for the Quiz?  The club website now has the ability to submit membership registration online (annual membership fees which, as a reminder, are due on 1st May, are still required to be paid independently from the website, and can be done in person on Friday). So, whether you are a new member in 2019 or registered via the manual process that was in place previously, the OW Association requires all members to complete the online registration this year.

            The following morning, Saturday 27th April is our annual CricketForce effort.  This is where we all come together as a Club after the winter to carry out a handful of jobs to ensure the grounds are prepared for the season.  As always, many hands make light work, and we look forward to seeing as many people as possible from all sections of the Club from 8.30am.

            Senior league fixtures commence just two Saturdays later and  before the first ball is bowled in anger the Cricket Committee needs to understand availabilities through the Doodle system as managed by Dave Welch.   Does Dave have your details, and have you provided him with your availability?  (Selection procedure for Colts matches are managed separately by Barrie and his team.)

            With the World Cup commencing next month and an Ashes series to follow, this promises to be an exciting summer of cricket.  Details of events being held at the Club in July, including a Cricket World Cup Day, the annual President’s Day, and Cricket Week, will be published in due course.  In the meantime, I hope all representatives of the  Old Wilsonians have a season of enjoyment and success!

Best cricketing wishes


Jeff Mascarenhas





                           Who to contact and how


President:               Jasper Gundry-White                          07789 934867  (Mobile)


Chairman               Jeff Mascarenhas                                           07967 484634 (Mobile)


Vice-Chair               Dave Welch

                                                 07528 691488 (Mobile)

Colts Chairperson:     Barrie Frampton


Club Captain: Alex Forbes                                                     07855 273218  (Mobile)


Secretary:               Mike Pike                                                        020 8659 6443 (H)                 


Welfare Officer        Jane Kempthorn                                             07886 412166 (Mobile)


Treasurer:               Andy Spedding                                               07973 847469 (Mobile)


 Fixtures Secretary:   Laurence Allen                                                07946 635020 (Mobile)


Website Administrator and

Communications Officer :   Steve Lawrence


1st  XI                   
Michael Mitchell                                 

                                                Email:              07721 628117  (M)

2nf  XI:                   Howard Abbett


3rd Xl:          Josh Holland     
                                    Email:                   07494400621  (M)

4th XI                     Neil Treacher

                                    Email:                             07956513331

 5th XI                     Alex Forbes                                                     07855 273218 (M)


Sunday Development:  Chris Scott                                                    07917 033946 (M)


Sunday Friendly       Tony Sherlock                                                 07881 277283 (M)

T20                              Velson Deverajulu




Kent Cricket League Website:

Kent Feeder League website

Sunday Development League website

Old Wilsonians:

North Kent Junior League:

Old Wilsonians’ Association website


            IMPORTANT:  Will all of those mentioned above please check their details and let me know if any changes are required


KEEPING WARM PROVES DIFFICULT IN WARM-UP GAME   1st   Xl  85  Catford Cyphers   86 for 9


            Some call these games ‘pre-season’ friendlies, others ‘warm-up’ games and the latter was certainly the more apposite on a bitterly chilly mid-April afternoon; we were even treated to an April shower which interrupted play for 17 minutes
            This was officially a ‘1st Xl fixture’ although, and to be fair, only four regular members of last year 1’s were in evidence

“Our team is a bit of a mixture of our sides”, declared our hosts, somewhat defensively, and then proceeded to bowl us out for 85 in 33 overs, our skipper – Michael Mitchell – top scoring with 14!!!

Velson Devarajulu was not far behind him, with 13, then followed Siva Ranjan, with 12 but no-one else made it into the dizzy heights of double figures, so it was now down to the bowlers. How would they respond?

            When Catford Cyphers lost their ninth wicket with their total on 56 the only answer had to be “Very well” but their ninth wicket pair knuckled down and just got them over the line

            James Sellar, making his debut for “The 1st Xl” bowled tidily to finish with 0 for 10 in 4 overs whilst David Pilgrim took 1 for 8 in 4 overs – and how nice it was to see two leg-spinners in the same side

            So what else did we learn? Jonathan Rodda sustained his first lbw of the season, the ball seemed to follow Josh Holland around in the field,  Dave Ellicott-White finished with 4 for 30 and Doug Forbes took the first wicket of the season for the OWs – and how often does that happen? The skipper took 2 for 2 from 5.3 overs and brought himself back on with the score on 74 for 9 in order to try and win the game

            This was a good work-out for the team but, and hopefully, not indicative of what is to come

(Velson(Devarajulu) Ranjan (Siva)  Rodda.J Holland Mitchell Maxwell.K Ellicott-White Pilgrim.D Sellar Forbes.D Jukes.J




“But isn’t that the deadline date for Brexit?”  asked …….  virtually everyone participating when they heard that the Alf Parish Memorial darts match was due  to take place on  March 29th
“We always thought that a back stop is another word for a goal-keeper” suggested the Old Wilsonians’ Football Club 

“No; it’s a wicket keeper”, countered the Old Wilsonians’ Cricket Club 

“And a hard boarder (sic) must be a reference to my lodger; he’s a bit of a bruiser”, chirped no-one in particular

“No skill, just lucky”, observed Ellie

“Are you referring to the way in which the government have handled this matter?”,  I replied

“No; that’s the name of my team”, she rejoined

“Wasn’t Brexit a hit for Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch in 1966 “, asked their agent, hoping for a revival

“No – that was ‘Bend it’ but the latter names were just a few of those who have held the post of Brexit secretary, whilst the five Constituency Labour Parties, and in unison, simply chanted

 “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn; Oh Jeremy Corbyn”

“Any chance of reviving ‘Deal or no deal’, suggested Noel Edmunds, someone else hoping for a comeback

“I’ve achieved an extension”, announced the Prime Minister, now known as Lino – Leader in name only
(I’ve always found lino difficult to nail down but easy to walk over)

 “We had a loft conversion,” informed the ever helpful Ellie

This is getting to be a bit like the ‘Pass Notes’ column in ‘The Guardian’

            It’s also getting a bit silly, and we are forgetting the main purpose of the evening, namely to remember Alf Parish, a  man who helped so many people  in such a selfless way and whose grasp of detail would have enabled him to unravel the complexities of Brexit in an afternoon

            The first person I saw upon arrival at Selhurst Park was Carolyn, our tried and trusted bar tender, as she got out of her car and prepared for another tough shift.  She recognised me and, with her help, I managed to breeze through security – sometimes it is useful to know people with power and influence

            I then met Carmen, the Palace representative for the evening,  and Warren, who did a great job moving  furniture around

            The room was set up to accommodate  36 darts players, representing nine teams, and about 30 supporters and I had agreed with Charlotte, yet another excellent member of the Palace Events team, to cater for 65

            Two members of the Old Wilsonians’ cricket team were the first to arrive but soon the room was full and we had to work out the best way to play 34 games of darts in a little over four hours
            Earlier in the day I had informed Roger Hough, who is an Old Wilsonian but who, on this occasion, was representing  Greenwich and Woolwich Labour Party,  that I had ‘a cunning plan’  to help achieve this – even came dressed as Baldrick in order to prove it – and he gave me  some invaluable help as we made the draw

            The players, too, were the epitome of assistance as they willingly agreed to shorten the second round ties to nearest the bull if nine darts had not achieved a double, whilst reducing the third round to one leg proved essential, as  Jasper Gundry-White’s  stentorian cries  ensured that the right people got to the oche at the right time

“I’ll get a six dart finish” promised Alex Forbes, when he learnt that 301 was the starting point

            As the evening progressed even more people arrived and Carol and Marie busily set about selling raffle tickets to such an extent that we ran out

“I’ll get some more,” proclaimed Carmen

            The standard of the darts varied – some scores were as low as three and four, some darts hit the board without registering a score at all, and some hit the wall

“Is it safe to come out?”, inquired Carolyn – one of the boards was very adjacent to her Bar.

But it did not matter – providing no-one hit Carolyn, of course, which they didn’t. The only thing that really mattered was that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves

            And everyone was a winner, too, even those who went out in the first round, but special mentions must go to the two youngest competitors, Ruben and Coby, both 11 years old

            Ruben threw his darts with enthusiasm and a great deal of skill but eventually fell to the guiles of Pat Curran, who must be at least four times his age; sorry for that, Pat!

            But Coby did even better by winning his game against  the aforementioned Roger Hough, a former winner of this competition

            And so we came to the final, contested between Tony Nawrocki  and  Nick  Bryan, both from the Old Wilsonians’ Football Club, which Nick won in a first rate game of darts 

“As we have now won the trophy three times in a row, do we keep it?”, inquired their skipper, Alex Forbes, still smarting from the fact that he had failed in his attempt at a  six dart finish
            Doreen Parish presented the trophies – No, Alex, you cannot keep it – and another successful evening came to an end  

            Thanks to everyone who played and supported the evening, which raised £1,000. This was distributed between the participating teams and thanks to Gary Stevens and the Bromley & Chislehurst team who were not able to make it but kindly agreed to donate their portion of the money to a local food bank
            And to the GPM London Print Branch, who had already sponsored the event to the tune of £250, for agreeing to donate their portion of the winnings to Arts Network, a local charity which supports those with severe and enduring mental health issues

            And , of course,  to Crystal Palace Football Club for hosting the event, providing the raffle prizes, food,  dart boards and darts, Carolyn, Carmen and Warren on the night, and Charlotte, Lyndora and Zee, whom I had worked with in the run-up to the evening
            And what of next year?  It looks like we are going to have to find a bigger room and a couple more dart boards. Alf would have approved


Copy date for next edition   -   May   31st ;  all contributions welcome

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