OWFC Fixtures 14th & 15th september

Old Boys Events  •  14th September 2019 various

1st XI vs Old Owens           Hayes      SAL      2pm

2nd XI vs Nottsborough Res   Away  SAL       2pm

3rd XI vs Merton 3s             Hayes    SAL       2pm

4th XI vs Alleyns Old Boys 6s  Hawes Down SAL 2pm

5th XI vs Bank of England 4s  Away  SAL     2pm

6th XI vs South Bank 5s        Hawes Down  2pm

7th XI vs Merton 6s              Away  SALC     2pm

8th XI vs South Bank 6s       Away SALC     2pm


Vets XI vs Lloyds of London Hayes Friendly 4pm

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