OWFC football Statistics updated

Football Newsletters  •  Posted 30th June 2020

The OWFC statistics have been updated so they are now upto date . Thanks to Mike Harris & Jon Howe for supplying the last two seasons data .

Its pretty impressive stuff with 4 players having played over 1000 games for the club (lets say you play an average of 20 games a season on average) . The most appearance is still Geoff Robinson (1079) , highest scorer Jim Matthews (416 with a strike rate (s/r)of 0.72 goals a game).

Still playing the 3 highest appearance wise are Bruce Graham (1034) , Alex Forbes (774) and Doug Forbes (675) there are a few others in the 600s - Nick Mole , Stu Paton & Jon Quinton & lots in the 500s including our President Neil Kendrick.

Behind Jim and still playing are Rich Smart (334 goals s/r 0.75) , Matt Williams closing in on him (323 goals at 0.82) and I find this pretty ridiculous James Karamath (265 Goals at 1.02 strike rate (yep more than a goal a game !!!

/Media/OWFC MASTER SHEET (Alex2).xlsx


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