Wilson's Alumnet goes live

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Wilson's Alumnet is now LIVE!

It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of Wilson’s Alumnet – the alumni networking platform exclusively for Old Wilsonians. By getting everyone together in one place we want to celebrate our vibrant alumni community; by sharing achievements and successes past and present, highlighting fond memories of your time at Wilson’s and offering a unique opportunity for you to reconnect with fellow alumni across an impressive range of industries and professions.

To become a member use the below link


Much more than just a social networking platform

Create new networks
Wilson's Alumnet is all about forming quality connections with people you know and trust - people with whom you have a shared school experience. Not only will you be able to exchange memories, but also offer professional advice and support and share common interests.

Discover fresh job opportunities
Whether you're just starting out or simply looking for a new opportunity, find out who is willing to help you from your Wilson’s connections. Source work experience placements, mentoring, informal career and business advice, gap year suggestions and much more.

Share interests past and present
Alumnet is bursting with small communities called 'Circles.' These are interest groups that can date back to your time at school (e.g. the ‘Brecon Circle’) or those that are more relevant to your life today (e.g. the ‘Company Founders Circle’.) Join as many as you can to make your Alumnet experience as diverse as possible.

Catch up at events and reunions
Bring Alumnet to life by organising events and reunions with our intuitive 'Events' tab. You take control and have the power to organise your own events - whether it be organising a Park Run for your new running circle or getting your whole year together for a full-blown reunion!

Bringing Wilson’s Alumnet to life

We are looking forward to making Wilson’s Alumnet a space that works for everyone. We’re inviting you to get involved from the moment you sign up. Alumnet is driven by the content that you provide so be as active and as creative as you can! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Let us know what you are up to now

    Who are you still in touch with?

    Share professional advice, career top tips, job offers and work experience opportunities

    Advertise your company, product or servicec

    Start posting photos, old or new – both are very welcome!

    Create your own Circle and run your own unique Wilson’s micro-community

    Organise an event or reunion and catch up with old friends

    Post an article or video or start a Wilson’s Alumnet poll

Last but not least, if you experience any problems on your Alumnet journey - from signing in to using the platform itself - then please do let us know. We're here to help!

Have an IPhone? Download the Alumnet App from the App Store now!

Tracey Rice and Tim Edge

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