Mike Kendrick RIP

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Sadly Mike Kendrick passed away this morning after a long fight with alzheimers. Our condolences to his Anne, Maria , Neil & the Kendrick clan . 

i have seen Mike nigh on every weekend for 50 odd years . He always looked after me , although told me off loads of times in my younger days (although i took no heed ) ,Mike also gave me guidance & would point me in the right direction when needed . I enjoyed his company, even when he was grumpo (it was great baiting the bear).  Mike had a ridiculously strong handshake and would love nothing more than crush your hand , as he said goodbye going down the bar . 

Mike played most Saturdays & Sundays in both football & cricket , and excelled at both . He had a great sporting mind that we all learn't a lot from . Mike , Les & Mac kept the club on an even keel & is a major reason why we are here today . He was President of the Association (which is the position his son Neil holds now) & also of the Football club . 

Mike was a major influence on me & i will miss him . Rest in Peace 


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