The OWJFC Poker Championship Club Fundraiser

Posted 8th May 2020

As we are all stuck at home at the moment with a 'FULL HOUSE' and our loos have all had many a 'ROYAL FLUSH' over the last 4 weeks!

We bring to you.......... ♠️♦️The OWJFC POKER CHAMPIONSHIPS CLUB FUNDRAISER ♣️♥️

The Details That Matter...............

Who: Anyone ( over 18 )

When: Sunday 3rd May 19:30pm

Where: The Sofa!!

How: you will need to download poker stars app from the website ON A LAPTOP OR COMPUTER and create an account (sorry won’t work on phone or tablet).

Texas hold’em tournament $5.50 buy in with 1 rebuy if needed (5.50) within 1st hour + 1 add on if you choose at the end of the hour (5.50). $5 each time will go into prize pool. =========================================== Pokerstars official guide…

You are invited to join my private poker club for Home Games online. If you don't already have it, download the free PokerStars software from

Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button

Enter my Club ID number: 3513093

Enter my Invitation Code: OWJFC2020

That's it!

Once I've approved your membership request, we'll be ready to start playing Home Games online together If you want to find out more, visit our Home Games page Dummies Guide.........

1. Download the PokerStars App

2. You will need to deposit at least $10.50 into your account ($5 to the club & $5.50 to play the tourney) Note: There is 1 re-buy and 1 add-on attached to the tourney too, so if you want to do this make sure there is another $5.50x2 in your account before it starts on Sunday

3. Click on 'Cashier' (top right)

4. Click on 'Transfer To Player'

5. Transfer $5 to Player ID: JUMBO74909 (money to club)

6. On homepage click on the 'More' icon (bottom right)

7. Click on 'Home Games'

8. Click on 'Join a Poker Club'

9. Enter Club ID 3464097 and Invitation code: OWJFC2020

10. Wait for Paul Cummings to accept you into the tournament

11.Once accepted you will see the tourney in 'Home Games' at the top under 'My Poker Clubs'

12. Double click on the blacked out tournament

13. You should now hopefully see your name in the list of players

14. Click on the 'Schedule' tab

15. Click on 'Register' (bottom right)

16. Confirm and $5.50 will be taken from your account balance

17. ALL DONE! ===========================================

Once this is done... Enter the below to join: Club ID: 3464097 Invitation Code: OWJFC2020 Tournament Name: OWJFC POKER CHAMPS This can be found bottom right on the app under more... home games... join poker club (see above guide if stuck) The poker club manager will then accept you and you can register for the tournament. Please give it a go if you can - the more people the better the banter and the bigger the prize pool !!! See you all on Sunday (3rd May 2020) for the first ever virtual OWJFC POKER NIGHT!!! Any issues joining contact Mike Orchard direct on 07894 561726 SEE YOU AT THE TABLES! ♠️♣️♥️♦️