Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - Court Availability, Court Bookings and Use of the Pavilion

Posted 23rd March 2020


I am pleased that there has generally been a positive response to the information we sent out yesterday. If further reassurance were needed, the latest update from the LTA reinforces that tennis can continue to be played provided precautions are taken to prevent the spread of the virus. This note sets out how you can best protect yourself and other members whilst still enjoying the freedom to play at the club.


The Government is advising that all pavilions should be closed - in truth probably with larger premises than ours in mind. However, whilst doing our best to comply with this advice, we also understand the need to provide toilet facilities. So whilst at the courts we will be opening the pavilion doors wide at all times and only allowing one member (adult or child) to enter at a time to wash their hands, use the toilet, and then wash their hands again before leaving.

No groups are allowed to remain inside the pavilion at any time.

The areas in use will be cleaned thoroughly and regularly - at least twice a week for the foreseeable future by our usual cleaning firm but please take all the additional precautions you feel are necessary to protect your own safety .


I am sure everyone has heard the advice to maintain a distance of 2 metres between players. If you do not feel able to maintain that during a doubles match please consider playing only singles. The LTA also advises that adults should consider not changing ends between games. And further, to allow a short time buffer between one group leaving the courts and the next group arriving.


Jake and his team of coaches will be taking 1-2-1 coaching sessions and small family group sessions for the time being until life returns to normal and these are proving extremely popular. For this purpose, Jake and his team will have the use of the two hard courts (5 and 6) from 09.00 until 17.00 every day (other than Saturdays when arrangements will be slightly different).

The existing block bookings for arranged fours and eights are all still in place. If you do not wish to continue with these at present, please let us know so we can release these courts.

We would urge everyone else who wishes to play to book the court of their choice via the ClubSpark online court booking system. An information sheet on how to access this is attached. If you have any questions, please contact Judith ( and she will try to help.

It goes without saying that only paid up members of the tennis club may use the courts.

Under normal circumstances, Colts members playing with their non-member parents are only able to book the hard courts (5 and 6), not the carpet courts. However, for the time being, as coaching will be taking place on the hard courts, non-member parents may book to play with their own Colt member(s) on the carpet courts or the MUGA (court 7).

It is only right and proper that members take precedence over non-members - after all members pay their annual fees to gain their right to play. In the unlikely event that members cannot book courts because they are taken by Colts playing with their non-member parents, those Colts families must be prepared to give up their court. If a Colt member is playing another Colt member, they have the same rights to stay on court as the adult members.

NOTE: If you have given notice that you will not be renewing your or your child's membership for the 2020/21 year, this has been taken account of. You are receiving this information as you/your child continues to be a member of the club until 31 March after which you will no longer receive any further communications.

Nigel Jordan

Tennis Membership