Coronavirus Update - Use of the Tennis Pavilion

Posted 29th September 2020

Government rules allow tennis pavilions to be open ONLY if they are used as a walk-through to courts etc, or for toilet access. As a club we are no longer allowed to permit parents and children to stay in the pavilion, to have supper, do homework, watch TV or just shelter whilst watching a family member enjoy their coaching session. Nor may players of any age remain in the pavilion - its use is now restricted to toilet access only.

Parents and spectators will either need to watch from outdoors or return to their vehicle in the car park. Given the increased circulation of the virus these are sensible restrictions and we must all abide by them.

These are truly extraordinary times. As a club we would like things to be more hospitable - but that simply isn't possible at this time. If experience shows that we cannot stop people congregating and remaining in the pavilion we will be faced with no alternative other than to lock it out of use, which means the loss of toilet facilities for everyone.

I hope everyone understands the seriousness of the current situation and abides by the rules we are obliged to put in place. Please help us to play our part in keeping everyone safe, and reduce the spread of the virus.

I would also like to remind EVERYONE who attends the courts, either to coach, play or watch, to use their NHS Covid-19 app to scan the QR code displayed or sign in on the pad provided on the verandah of the tennis hut. Please ensure you do this each time you visit the club.


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