ESFA National Final - Wilsons vs Repton

Old Boys Events  •  Football Newsletters  •  Posted 9th October 2020

Wilson’s has a proud sporting history going back to 1615. The original statutes of the school state “The scholars’ play to be shooting in long bows; chess; running, wrestling, leaping etc….the Master to give licence to play but once a week”. However, after the signing of the school’s second Royal Charter by Queen Victoria in 1880 and the opening of the glorious new buildings in Camberwell, it was football that was to become a tradition of the school. The first Club was established at the school only three months after the opening ceremony on Wilson Road. Out of the then 186 boys on roll, 70 joined the Club, with the first match played in Dulwich against Lennox Football Club 2nd XI. Facing a powerful physical side, the school archives record that the team was pleased to concede only 4 goals, managing to score 1! Fast forward to 2020 and I think it is fair to say that the 70 boys of the original ‘Club’ at the school would be proud of their peers, who through hard graft, ably led by Mr Wells and Mr Parkinson, have reached the ESFA National Final for the first time. The final will be played at Lilleshall National Sports Centre on the 15th October, with a 15:15 kick off. Six thousand teams entered this competition and given we will be playing Repton, an established and formidable side, the boys will need to go into it with a plucky attitude, albeit knowing that we are all behind them. We are naturally hugely disappointed that we cannot spectate given the current restrictions, but WIlsonians, young and old will be with them in spirit, cheering them on whilst watching virtually Indeed, we are tremendously grateful to the Old Wilsonian's Football Club for purchasing a special kit and indeed the Old Wilsonian's Association who have provided their warm up tops – NON SIBI SED OMNIBUS in action! Whatever the final result, this team enter the history books of our 405 year old school and we are exceptionally proud of all that they have achieved.

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