Jack Petchey Foundation Achievement Award

Posted 3rd November 2016

 As you are probably aware I have recently been collecting nominations for this term's Jack Petchey Achievement Award and I am delighted to announced that Elena Hassan has won the award in recognition of her achievements at Old Wilsonians LTC - for being "a very helpful, friendly and polite young lady, who encourages the children and makes the lessons fun while teaching them tennis", "helpful in class and a good coach", "a great role model for the children", and for having "a good attitude and sportsmanship" and  "representing Old Wilsonians’ in tournaments against other clubs".

Congratulations, Elena, you richly deserve this award.

Elena gets a certificate which is worth putting as part of her paperwork for job or University applications and she gets £250 to spend. There are some rules around how that may be spent but Jake already has some ideas. Elena will also be invited to attend a celebration event next year where she will be presented with a medallion.




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