Junior Box Leagues

Posted 3rd July 2020

Many youngsters were very disappointed when the summer season league fixtures were all cancelled because of the pandemic.  Indeed we have all been prevented from enjoying the competitive matches so many of us had looked forward to.  Thanks to Laura Perrins for the original idea, and for running this, we now have a series of box leagues for the juniors. 


Group 1 15-18

Group 2 11-14

Group 3 11-14

Group 4 11-14

Group 5 Girls 11-14

Archie Hares

Eoin Moore

Fynn McLouglin

Omar Edet

Mia McLoughlin

Ben Higgins

Kristian Dromantas

Billy James

Jack Stone 

Anabel Hassan

Sam Headley

Henry Caulfield 

Huey Hares

Max Manning

Louise Honour 

Daisy Cooper 

Flynn Davies

Alessandro Elliott

Chloe Cleaver











A bit like the football Premiership, everyone plays everyone else in a round robin, and all results count. It is not a knock-out competition.  If possible the club will post all the results to each players’ LTA player profile to boost their ratings and rankings.

Players will organise their own matches, book their courts and then play two tie-break sets (up to 6 being 2 games ahead with tie break at 6-6 if needed). Every game will count in the league table. To be clear, it will be possible to have a draw if the score is, for example, 4-6 6-4. Of course everyone must stick to the social distancing rules and use tennis balls that one player provides.

If there are any question please contact Laura Perrins at perrins.laura@gmail.com.

PARENTS AND ADULT MEMBERS – if you run a business, or work for a business, that would like to sponsor this event, perhaps by providing prizes for the winners, please let Laura or me know.





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