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Dear Members

I hope all of you and your families are well.

2020 has certainly not been the year we were expecting; winter sport was curtailed and only some of our summer sports activities have been able to take place. We very much hope we will be able to invite you all up to the club in the near future, but for the time being we must be patient.

We are very much hoping to open the bar facilities on Saturday 11th July. We will have to operate under certain restrictions and in the near future we will be issuing guidelines for the use of our bar facilities. You may even find our bar provision being brought into the 21st Century with a system that allows bar tabs without the need of a pen an little bits of scrap paper!!

We are hugely indebted to all the hard work that is and has gone on behind the scenes during the pandemic. We are very lucky to have our volunteers working so hard throughout our different sporting sections.

As a sports club we have a number of large projects that are moving forward at the moment.

Probably the most significant is the changing of our organisational structure from an Unincorporated Association to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. There are many benefits of moving to this structure and we very much hope for this to be in place by the end of the year. As sports club members you should not notice too much of a difference, though I very much hope you will continue to see an improvement in our facilities. The Charity will be overseen by a group of Trustees and the Sports Club will be run by our newly formed OW Council and various small sub-committees. All sports club members will have the opportunity to vote for the members of the Council and the sub-committees (I have attached a document showing the structure and the proposed make up of trustees and council.

I am very pleased to announce Mark Mace will replace me as President at the end of this year (subject to ratification at the AGM) and will lead the group of Charitable trustees who will be entrusted in making sure our Charitable purposes are met (the advancement of amateur sport). Mark is a current trustee of the club and previous treasurer of the Association. He is a football club member having played over 400 games for the club and scoring over 150 goals.

This week we have put out to tender for the development and improvement of our changing facilities and the female toilet and shower facilities. The majority of this project will be funded by the Brittain legacy money left to the Football and Cricket clubs by two former members of the club. We hope to complete this project by the time changing rooms are allowed to be used again.

This project is Phase 1 of a major refurbishment of our clubhouse facilities which will include the following:

• Phase 2 complete redecoration and refurbishment of the function and social areas of the clubhouse
• Phase 3 provision of accessible toilet facilities (to include baby changing facilities)

We have also recently secured planning permission for the floodlights for the MUGA over by the Tennis Pavilion, this will be funded predominately by the tennis club and will provide vastly improved lighting to benefit both the Tennis and Netball clubs.

I look forward to seeing you all at the club soon

Kind regards,

OWA President

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