New floodlight controls – all you need to know

Posted 7th March 2016


The new card-operated system for the floodlights was installed at the Club on 16 February. From now on, you will need prepaid cards to operate the floodlights on all courts.

What is happening?

The token meters which in the past controlled access to the floodlights have reached the end of their life and have been replaced with new controls. In recent times there has been inadequate control of the floodlights and the new meters will restore the controls we once had in place.

What type of new controls are being installed?

Having listened to the debate at the 2015 AGM the club has decided that meters controlled by pre-payment cards provided the best all-round option. Members felt that cash-operated controls posed a high level of risk and invited vandalism. Token meters incurred a significant initial cost for the supply of tokens and were very inflexible in relation to our coach and coaching sessions. Credit card options are not sufficiently reliable given the lack of adequate internet connection at the hut.

What does the change mean for members?

Members will need to get themselves organised in advance of turning up to play. They will need to buy pre-payment cards in order to access the floodlights. The cost per hour will remain broadly the same on all courts – £5 per hour on the hard courts and £6 per hour on the carpet courts, which is slightly cheaper than the previous rate. However the Committee has been asked to review whether we still need a differential between the cost of lights on the hard courts and carpet courts.

How much will cards cost?

£1, £5 and £10 values re now available. Each card is designed to be used only once and is then disposable. They cannot be topped up in the way that Oyster cards, for example, can be.

Using £10 worth of pre-payment cards will provide 100 minutes of light on the carpet courts and 2 hours on the hard courts. If members wish to play for 2 hours on the carpet courts they will need to use £10 plus 2 x £1 cards.

Where will I be able to buy these cards?

Four members have agreed to be vendors initially. They are:


Nigel Jordan 020 8776 2360 07979 597125
Bob West 028 8776 0210 07939 521043


You’ll need to make contact with one of the vendors and agree a mutually convenient time to purchase what you need. Members will need to be considerate and contact their chosen vendor to agree when they may call rather than just turning up unannounced.

Pre-payment cards will NOT be sold over the bar.

Are there any other issues I need to know about?

Members who play immediately after an earlier session will need to make sure they top up the light meters before the earlier session ends. As now, if the lights go out it will take 10-15 minutes before they come on, so ensuring this continuity is important. Putting in a card when an earlier card is still feeding the meters does NOT lead to any loss of value – but adds the new time purchased to what is already on the meter.

Kate Crossley 020 3669 7870 07789 207698
Annabel Stone 020 8462 7209 07956 523888
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