OWA AGM 10th December 2019

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Old Wilsonians’ Association

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Old Wilsonians’ Association

to be held on Tuesday 10th December 2019 at the Clubhouse Hayes.

To commence at 19.30


Agenda and Notice of Meeting


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of 2018 AGM
  3. Matters Arising
  4. Report of the OWA President
  5. Resolutions regarding status and structure:-
  • "This AGM mandates the OWA Council to explore options for re-structuring itself so it has a more solid, recognised legal form."
  • "This AGM mandates the OWA Council to trial a new council structure for the day to day running of the club." (Please see Fig. 1 overleaf.)
  1. Treasurer’s Report and Accounts for 2018/2019
  2. Bar Report
  3. Sports Club report
  4. Clubhouse report
  5. Ground report
  6. Confirmation of President for 2019/2020
  7. Confirmation of Club Captain for 2019/2020
  8. Election of Vice Presidents
  9. Election of Officers
  10. Election of Council
  11. Election of Honorary Members
  12. Reports of Subsidiary Clubs
    1. Football Senior
    2. Football Junior
    3. Cricket
    4. Tennis 
    5. Squash and Racketball
    6. Netball
  13. Any Other Business

 Fig. 1










Budget setting and monitoring


Sporting subsidiaries

Liaison with the school



Day to day financial management. Annual accounts


Ground management

Increasing membership


Future development

Long-term Investment


External pitch hire

Annual dinner



Super Draws etc

Health &safety

Groundsman’s contract



Appeal - Committees

Buildings Committee












Bar Committee





 Roger Matthews

Hon Secretary OWA                                                                          


Minutes of the 2018 AGM are available from the Secretary or on the Old Wilsonians’ website (see below}


                                                Old Wilsonians’ Association

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Old Wilsonians’ Association,

held on Tuesday, 11th December 2018 at the Clubhouse Hayes, 19:30


Attendees: Neil Kendrick, Bill Hartley, Clive Peckover, Mick Pilgrim, Clive Prince, Mike Pike, Malcolm Taylor, John Drabwell, Stephen Millward, Ian Pilgrim, Paul Jenkins, Bob West, Jamie Parkinson, Colin Smith, Alex Forbes, Richard Smart, Jake Johnson, Mike Harris, Gerry Adams and Roger Matthews.


  1. Apologies for absence

Doug Forbes, Anton Snowsill, Jeff Mascarenhas, Graham Watts, Mark Williams, Dan Harris, Pete Davis, Nick Mole, Jane Paton, Ross Hartley, Lou Barry and Nigel Jordan.


  1. Minutes of previous meeting (Tuesday, 12th December 2017)

Neil Kendrick asked if it was agreed that the minutes of the 2017 AGM were an accurate record.

This was Proposed by Colin Smith, Seconded by Mick Pilgrim and approved by the meeting.


  1. Matters arising

There were no matters arising.


  1. Report of the President/Chairman of Council

"As I said a year ago I am greatly Honoured to be President and the past year seems to have flown by.

The Association is extremely lucky to have a small band of volunteers that do so much around the club. These people know who they are and simply without them the club would not function.

We are fortunate to have excellent leaders of our subsidiary clubs and the committees that they lead do fantastic jobs in providing sport, and all that it brings the Old Wilsonians and the local community.

On behalf of the Association I would like to thank each and every one of our members who makes this place such a special club.

My first real job as President was to complete the redundancy of our long-term groundsman and tenant. I hope we were successful in doing this in a respectful manner. From the 1st April 2018 Ian Muir took over as our ground contractor and we started the task of renovating the bungalow. Around the same time we started refurbishing the Gents toilets in the main club house with these works completed a couple of months later. The bungalow renovation took a bit longer than we had hoped but I am very pleased to report Steve Millward has taken tenancy of what will be the newly named Brittain Bungalow.

The Association hope to save in excess of £10,000 per year with the mixture of the new ground contractor and commercial let of the bungalow. I also hope all the sports sections are seeing and improvement in our sporting surfaces.

We have doubled the hours our cleaner visits us and I hope you can see the benefits of this around the club.

Our website continues to evolve and shortly I hope we will add some additional functionality that will help us communicate in a more effective way with our membership and keep a secure database for all our sections.

There is still much to do and in no particular order over the next couple of years here are some of the projects I would like to explore;

Renovation and decoration of the main club house, including the Presidents lounge ladies changing room.

Irrigation and water tank for the main ground.

Contract out use of the kitchen to supply food for all events and functions.

3G 9v9 football pitch on Hawes Down including floodlights (assuming this would fit while keeping the cricket square and 2 x 11v11 pitches. Irrigation and water tank for the Hawes Down ground.

Restructure of the Old Wilsonian Association, its Sports Club and constitution (more of this later)

The main income for the club is its bar and clubhouse. Over the last year I have loved seeing the diverse usage that it enjoys. The bar team of Gerry Adams, John Drabwell, Ian Pilgrim and Archie Whitaker do an inspired job. Over the next year Ian Pilgrim will be standing down from his role in the team, though he will continue to carry out many of his other roles outside the Bar. He will be an almost impossible act to follow and I would like to thank him for his hard work, wise head and undying love of the CLUB.

Clive is leaving his position as treasurer as of now. He has done a great job without any real accountancy knowledge. His views are always wise and I very much hope he will be forming part of our working party to look into the constitution and governance of the club.


Over the past few years members of the Council have been looking into the constitution of the club and whether it is working as effectively as it can. We are very keen to make sure the makeup of the club is fit for purpose in the short, medium and long term.


We are fairly certain the direction we would like to move in is to achieve Charitable status. What we would like to do is to set up a working party to consider the future legal structure of the OWA and associated sports club. We would then report back to you and any changes to the constitution would be areed at the next AGM or if appropriate at an EGM

Are there any questions before I go on to discuss more fully the resolution set out in section 5 of the agenda."


5.Resolution regarding status and structure:-

Legal Structure

NK explained that the current legal structure of the OWA is that of an unincorporated association and this leaves the Trustees very exposed.


A possible option would be to once again look at obtaining CASC status, although the qualifying requirements for joining members within the Football Club's constitution, would probably mean that this was unobtainable.


A second option would be to pursue the route of a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation), which is suitable for small voluntary outlets.



NK emphasised that presently OWA pays Corporation Tax and also Business Rates. The size of the latter payment is very dependent on Bromley Council continuing to allow relief at its present level. If this should be withdrawn then it would put severe strain on the Clubs finances.



Going forward, there is currently a challenge for the OWA, which is to maintain the efficient running and growth of the Sports Club while fostering good relations with the School and its Alumni. It was the aspect of developing relations with the School and its past pupils that NK felt should be a greater priority for the President of the Association.


Bill Hartley enquired if consideration had been given to reinstating the OWA annual dinner, and NK confirmed that this was the type of thing that would assist in developing the relationship with the School.


NK advised the meeting that it was for this reason that they were being asked to pass the following resolution.


"To set up a working party to consider the future legal structure of the OWA and the associated sports club. Recommendations to be made and any changes to the constitution to be agreed at an EGM."


The question was asked as to what the timescale was for reporting and implementation, and NK said that it was to be within the coming year.


Mike Pike while in favour of the proposal requested that everybody should have an opportunity to study the research and its findings before the EGM and CP thought this a sound suggestion.


The resolution was Proposed by John Drabwell, Seconded by Paul Jenkins and approved by the meeting.


  1. Resolution to amend the OWA Constitution

Section 12 Subsidiary Clubs and Societies, sub-section (c) to include v) Old Wilsons Football Club Juniors and vi) Old Wilsons Netball Club.


Proposed by Richard Smart, Seconded by John Drabwell and approved by the meeting.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

 Clive Peckover's Report


Clive Peckover invited the AGM formally to adopt the audited accounts for 2016-17, on which he had reported in outline at the 2017 AGM.


Proposed by Colin Smith, Seconded by Paul Jenkins and approved by the meeting.


CP advised the meeting that 2017-18 had been a reasonably stable year overall, with another excellent bar performance (to be confirmed in the figures in due course); the subsidiary clubs all in good financial shape; and domestic expenditures under control. The main items of the year had been the managed departure of the groundsman and the refurbishment of the bungalow, funded by the OWA share of the Brittain legacy.


CP paid tribute to Neil Kendrick for sorting out the departure of the groundsman and for managing the bungalow project. Both had been done in a professional and appropriate manner.


CP said that thanks were also due to Lou Barry and Mark Mace whose support had been outstanding and that his role had been considerably helped by the excellent job done by the treasurers of the subsidiary clubs.


With regard to the future CP will complete the books up to the end of January and then handover to Nick Mole. There is a possibility that the Cricket Club's rent may be raised by £1,000 this year, as a fair reflection of its good financial position – to be discussed further with them – and Junior Football's rent will rise by £2,500 this coming year, in line with the successful expansion of that section.


Paul Jenkins suggested that the charge for electricity used by Squash and Tennis for their lighting should be reviewed.


Ian Pilgrim thanked CP for all his efforts during his time Treasurer.


The Treasurer's report was Proposed by Ian Pilgrim, Seconded by Alex Forbes and approved by the meeting.


  1. Bar Report

John Drabwell's Report


Another good year for the bar with turnover, net of VAT increasing by 9.3% to just over £131,000. Staff costs have been maintained at 18.5% of net turnover after VAT. Unfortunately, final figures, including net profit are not yet available. However, if numbers are in line with previous years, we should achieve an overall net profit in excess of £40,000.


Our turnover continues to be boosted by outside lettings and functions and some 6 months ago by popular request, we introduced a premium lager "Birra Morretti" and this has been an outstanding success. Our concerns and worries at having to charge a higher price have proved completely unfounded and it has been literally flying off the counter. Unlike the "Spitfire" real ale which was replaced by Master Brew some months ago.


More recently we have experienced a much higher demand for Guinness and this could be because of the new all singing and dancing beer font on display which lights up the drink whilst it's settling. Because of the comparative high cost of the product the price will be increasing in the New Year.


During the Christmas period and into next year we will be introducing the odd "Guest Ale" to jazz things up a bit and add a little variety to the beers on offer.


One of our main suppliers, I. M. Wines was taken over by "Hills Prospect", a sizeable concern based in Essex, and this has given us a much larger spread of product availability and was a trouble free transfer.


Our relationship with Shepherd Neame is now on a much better footing following the appointment of our new rep. Nick Robinson. Our barrel prices are fixed until February next year when we will meet to discuss and agree our new tariff. It may well be that there will be marginal increases either through overall product costs or imposed Government taxes and these will be dealt with by negotiation and mutual agreement.


My wholehearted thanks to the team and staff for their work and commitment during the past 12 months which, once again I believe, has enabled us to achieve an outstanding result which we should all be proud of.


  1. Sports Club report

Although not in attendance Anton Snowsill submitted the following Report


Management of the cleaners has been handed to Steve Millward with his consent. This seemed inevitable as he was having weekly contact with them.


The club hirings are constant with no great changes throughout the year. IP and AS agreed to increase the cost of hiring the clubhouse to £250.00 from January 1st. This is still much cheaper than anywhere else in the area. 


The use of the Google Calendar and iPhone calendar has been a great boon for all concerned, and any newcomers can be added if they contact AS by email. 


  1. Clubhouse report

Paul Jenkins' Report


General maintenance has taken place throughout the year, and in particular of late, lights have been changed in the shower and changing rooms.


However, going forward PJ had concerns that Workforce weekends are not happening for most clubs, and there is a need for the Clubhouse to be decorated. His suggested solution was that each Club should be asked for a donation and for an outside contractor to be hired and the work completed within a week. Richard Smart said on behalf of the Football Club he thought that this was a good idea.


NK thanked PJ for all his hard work throughout the year.


  1. Ground report

Steve Millward's  Report


2018 has of course seen the maintenance of the main ground taken over by Ian Muir, with the departure of Colin McCausland at the end of April. We have also replaced the old unreliable cricket roller with a much needed new roller. There has been further expansion of the OW’s Junior Football section to 25 teams, with training again provided to 2 groups of U6s. A new 9-a-side pitch is also now being provided at the main ground. The extensive use of the main ground and HD for both senior and junior football on Sunday mornings, now coupled with regular junior tennis coaching, continues to cause issues with parking, especially when junior tennis tournaments are held with no prior notification!


Main Ground

Football - The pitches were not in too bad a condition at the end of the 2017-2018 season and due to extensive watering throughout the hot, dry summer, were in very good condition at the start of the 2018-19 season. The OWFC is back to fielding nine teams on a Saturday and there are now four 11 a side junior teams on Sunday and a new 9-a-side pitch in constant use. The frequency of matches being played has therefore increased to very nearly full capacity. In spite of this, and considering the amount of rain recently, the pitches are in good condition for the most part. Unfortunately, grass in some parts of the penalty areas has recently been ripped up by crows, necessitating the use of sand and deterrents – imitation dead crows.  It may be necessary to have the pitches verti-drained at a later date should the wet weather continue for a prolonged period. The goals have new nets with new folding supports and sheeting is now wrapped and secured around the base of each goalpost to prevent the nets being chewed and torn by foxes.

Most of the car parking duties on a Saturday afternoon are once again being carried out by Ian Pilgrim. I repeat my call for other volunteers to step forward to share this burden. And, once again my thanks to Mick Pilgrim for continuing to organise all senior fixtures on Sundays.

Note that the main ground will be available for football up to 21st April 2019. Renovations will then take place over the next 19 days prior to commencement of cricket.


Cricket – It was not possible to carry out pre-season rolling during March and the beginning of April as the ground was much too wet. Whilst extensive rolling was carried out in the days available before and continued after the start of the season, this was not ideal, especially when having to use the old roller. That said, I believe that the pitches provided were in the main acceptable most weekends. Again, there were complaints about the length of the grass on the outfield. Not sure why Ian Muir and I bothered to make such efforts in maintaining a lush green outfield throughout the hot, dry summer. I will be asking Ian to cut the grass shorter next year. I note that the overall marking of our facilities by league appointed umpires was much lower this year, ranking the club 9th (3rd in 2017) out of the ten teams in the division. In order to improve next year, I will be asking for feedback after each match.

The nets, covers, sight screens, repeater board and boundary rope will all require some attention next year to ensure they are in good working order before cricket resumes.


Tennis – Whilst Ian Muir has been regularly blowing the leaves off the tennis courts and brushing the carpet courts twice a week, leaves have been a particular problem this autumn. I have arranged for the overhanging trees from Ex-Blues to be cut back considerably. Unfortunately, Network Rail have deemed their trees not to be a nuisance and so a different solution needs to be found for these. All surrounds to the courts have been regularly treated with weed killer. Alas, I am still having to turn off lights and close windows in the tennis pavilion at least once a week. Indeed, I found the front door wide open a few days ago. Members must be more responsible.


General – Ian Muir has purchased all of the machinery required to maintain the grounds and is now responsible for any maintenance and repairs. The Association still own the large tractor and a few other items and will maintain the new roller, owned by the cricket club.

A new irrigation system for the ground is required. I will not be continually repositioning five sprinklers around the outfield next summer.

This year, there have been few, if any, incursions over or around our fence or through the main gates. A motion detector and light now cover the main gates for added security.

As a new specification for the maintenance of the main ground has yet to be been drawn up and put out to tender, Ian Muir will continue to be contracted to carry out all ground maintenance until this tender process is completed.


Hawes Down

Football – Although all pitches were being used extensively at the end of the 2017-2018 season, most of the ground was not too worn and held up well. Again in the summer, with a gap in the cricket fixtures, I took the opportunity to repair several worn and compacted areas, adding top soil, re-seeding and deploying the single sprinkler to each area in turn. Unfortunately, with only one sprinkler, it was not possible to maintain much of the outfield during the dry, hot summer and with the ground being so hard and having virtually no grass covering, I could only permit a small number of pre-season friendlies. With the recent wet weather, drainage is now the main problem. Again, 21 junior sides are playing regularly at HD this season, in addition to the mid-week school matches and training sessions, and the pitches are now beginning to suffer. I have arranged for HD to be verti-drained during the Christmas break and if necessary will have it verti-drained again at the end of February.

Please note that HD will be available for senior football up to and including Saturday 4th May 2019, with junior football guaranteed to Sunday 5th May.


Cricket – Because of the wet weather, little rolling of the HD square was possible pre-season, especially as more resource was required at the main ground. Unfortunately, as the square dried out very quickly at the start of the season, the pitches for most of the 2018 season were not as good as expected. The cricket square was fully utilised during the summer by the 3rd XI and 4th XI teams on Saturday and U18s on Fridays. Hopefully, with better weather and more volunteers to help pre-season rolling, pitches provided in 2019 will be much better. The roller will require servicing beforehand.


General ­­­­­­- Whilst on Sunday mornings, the OW’s Junior FC has been employing a car parking monitor from 9.30am to 12 noon and the number of parking issues has dramatically reduced, capacity is still a problem. It may be necessary to mark out additional parking spaces on the grass in front of the existing car park, behind the 1st XI goal. 

The half size container at HD is now being fully utilised, with all cricket and football equipment, together with the small roller and most other machinery stored inside

The maintenance contract for HD comes up for renewal 1st March next year. The contract is subject to approval by both the OWA and the schools.  Currently the schools contribute 60% towards the annual maintenance costs. There is a meeting with the Heads on Friday, 11th January next year and I will be seeking their approval of the new terms as well as going through any other issues that are included for discussion. Note that costs to outside contractors for verti-draining are paid 100% by the OWA.


Neil Kendrick paid particular tribute to SM, who he said was doing a fantastic job.


  1. Confirmation of President for 2018/2019

Neil Kendrick said that he was looking forward to the second year of his tenure as President and that normally at this point, the nominated President Elect would be announced. However, given the circumstances of the project to review the structure of both the Sports' Club and its relationship to the Association, he had been asked if he would be prepared to undertake a third years presidency during the period 2019/2020, which he has agreed to do.


  1. Election of Vice Presidents


Existing Vice Presidents:

Gerry Adams, Terry Adams, Ron Ashdown, Lou Barry, Bob Bevan, Fred Brindle, Mike Curling, Pete Davis, Mike George, Mike Harris, Mike Kendrick, Andy  McClniton, Jim Matthews, Dave McCarthy, Dave Mew, Cliff Milledge, Clive Peckover, Mike Pike, Ian Pilgrim, Mick Pilgrim, Stan Quantrill, Ian Rayworth, Gerry Reaseley, Malcolm Taylor, Andy Udale, Dave Wakeford, Peter Wakeford, Les Wilks and Steve Wisson, Alex Forbes, Doug Forbes, Neil Kendrick, Stuart Paton, Mark Mace, Andy Smith and John Drabwell.


Bill Hartley nominated Roger Matthews as a Vice President in recognition of the work he has undertaken as Secretary of the Association over several years this was Seconded by Malcolm Taylor.


All existing Vice Presidents were re-elected on block, having been proposed by Bill Hartley and seconded by Malcolm Taylor.


  1. Election of Officers for 2018/19


President:                               Neil Kendrick


President Elect:                     In abeyance                    


Hon Secretary:                       Roger Matthews


Hon Treasurer:                      Nick Mole


Club Captain                         Steve Millward


Hon Solicitor:                         Vacant


Sports Club Secretary:         Anton Snowsill


Membership Secretary:        Mike Pike


Editor of NOW:                    Malcolm Taylor


Webmaster:                           Jim Lloyd, Alex Forbes


Bar Management Team:      Gerry Adams, John Drabwell, Ian Pilgrim, Archie Whitaker


Ground Manager:                 Steve Millward


Buildings Manager:              Paul Jenkins


School Liaison Officer:         Andy Parkinson


Membership Committee:      Paul Jenkins, Mark Mace and Mike Pike


Disciplinary Committee:      Gerry Adams, Clive Peckover and Mick Pilgrim


Appeals Committee:              President and two members of the Management Committee


All of the above were Proposed and Seconded on block by Mike Harris and Bill Hartley respectively and unanimously elected.


  1. Election of Honorary Old Wilsonians


Existing Honorary Old Wilsonians:

George Wing, Graham Watts, John Lucock, Ray Neve, Paul Jenkins, Denise Pilgrim, Stephen Millward, Clive Prince, Jasper Gundry-White, Nigel Jordan, Andy Steel, Nick Fuller, John Martin, Jill Forbes, Caroline Maxwell, Bob West and Judith Heayberd.


NK said how pleased he was to have received from the Tennis Club the nomination of Jake Johnson of whom Nigel Jordan had written:-


Jake started coaching at Old Wilsonians’ LTC in 2009 at which time there was no coaching programme at the club, and very few members under the age of 50. In the 9 years since then Jake has worked with the club and local school to build a coaching programme that is drawing many more youngsters and IMPORTANTLY, many adults into the club.  I estimate the number of new players who have attended OWLTC since he started at around 1000.  Many of the neighbours who are seen propping up the bar first came to the club as a result  of their children joining the coaching programme. The knock-on effect of Jake’s work to the entire Association is immense, but is often overlooked or under-estimated.


Jake’s coaching programme covers all the mini tennis levels as well as yellow ball. He runs group sessions for children and adults as well as 1-2-1 coaching. We now have a Performance Group and host external LTA Grade 5 tournaments. Jake was himself recognised as Kent Tennis Coach of the Year 2014 and has recently been asked to start getting involved in delivering county training to Kent’s most promising youngsters.


Prior to Jake’s arrival, we did not enter junior teams in the league competitions. We made our first junior team entry in the summer of 2012 and have done so every summer and winter since that time. The youngsters love it and are doing well.


For the first time in anyone’s memory the club can now boast several successful coaching groups for adult novices –  we are attracting lots of men and women who were previously completely inactive. Jake makes the sport fun, and his likeability and care means people don’t drift away.  They are more likely to drift into the bar!! The overall coaching programme has grown from zero to around 400 people today who take coaching weekly. More importantly, the vibrancy this has created is reinvigorating the club, leading to new volunteers and a general buzz about the place that has long been absent.


Speaking to other clubs around the county I am acutely aware that the special relationship Jake and I have forged has been built on trust, which is at the heart of this successful partnership. Our openness with one another, the complete transparency of decision-making and mutual support ensures that what works for Jake also benefits the club. Neither side benefits at the expense of the other.


So Jake has done an enormous amount to support the tennis club and through that the Association.  He richly deserves recognition, and this was unanimously proposed by the recent tennis club AGM.


The nomination was proposed by Neil Kendrick and Seconded by Clive Prince.



  1. Reports of subsidiary clubs


Senior Football

Alex Forbes Report

The Senior Football Club has grown from 8 to 9 sides on Saturdays due to an influx from the School and the youth set up. 

Both vets and Super vets continue to grow on Sunday .

The committee is very active, but there are too few doing too much and an opportunity will be looked for to spread the duties. 

In summary the Club is in a good place. 


Junior Football

Although not in attendance Mark Williams submitted the following Report

  1. All our teams are competing and developing well with no major issues to report.
  2. Our AGM was held on 11th October. Some changes to Committee roles and numbers were made reflecting the growth and requirements of the Club. 
  3. 3 of our coaches are currently undertaking their Level I Coaching badge. 10 have recently taken Emergency Aid courses and another 3 will be taking Child Safeguarding courses on Wednesday 11th December.  
  4. Despite the wet weather of late we have been able to fulfil the vast majority of our home fixtures at Hawes Down but we will need to manage this more carefully in the next few weeks as pitches are suffering.    
  5. We have held two successful Christmas parties for our younger teams with good attendance (and bar takings) at both. Special thanks to the Squash Club for allowing us to use their courts for the entertainment. 
  6. Our FA Charter Standard renewal is in progress. 


Mike Pike's Report


It has been a good  season for the OWCC  with the good weather adding to its pleasures. All of our sides did well with 3rd Xl achieving  promotion. The 1st and 2nd Xls are now both well established Second Division sides, with the latter well placed for promotion until the last month or so of the season and every effort will be made to go that extra mile in 2019. The Sunday development side again won their league and this time went one better by defeating the Surrey champions in the play-off.  The Sunday social side only played six games, which is a cause for concern,  and we are looking at ways of combating the decline of this important aspect of the game The under 19s did not have the best of seasons results wise, but continue to develop our youngsters, as does our Colts section, and we proudly celebrated 21 years of colts cricket this year. With four new coaches taking courses during the winter months it is hoped that an improvement will be seen in the forthcoming season. We had another excellent cricket week and, as a consequence, so did the Bar! We had two very enjoyable end of season awards evenings for both the colts and senior sections.

  Sadly I have to report the death of another Vice President, namely Peter Hubert, who was a member of our 1st Xl when we first moved to Hayes in 1959 and, indeed in the days when we played our cricket in Dulwich. This year also saw us lose  Steve Press –  yet another who has succumbed to the grim reaper over the past few years. As I’m sure you all know the Forbes family asked for a tree to be planted in remembrance of Ian and this stands proudly on the other side of the boundary rope and opposite the repeater board, and I have no doubt that, come the summer,  his  bench  will be placed under it from which spectators can watch the cricket, whilst some of Ian’s ashes have been placed in the cricket square as per his wishes.



Although not in attendance Nigel Jordan submitted the following Report


The tennis club held its AGM on 21st November, which allowed us to reflect on a glorious summer. We have already planned for 2019, which we hope will be equally pleasant.


The big news is that Nigel announced his intention to step down as Chairman – he wants someone to take over in 12 months’ time. But hopefully he will stay around to help oversee all the activity of the juniors – which is a more specialist area. So the coming year will involve lots of coaxing in order to line up the people who will take the club forward again. Our other big priority for 2019 is the small hut – which needs significant attention over the coming 12 months. There will obviously be costs associated with that.


Overall, the tennis club remains in a good place:

  • Our finances remain very solid but we are aware that we might have to start paying for lots of what has previously been done by volunteers.
  • Membership is strong – a small increase over the previous year.
  • Our new (paid) Club Secretary is making a real difference.
  • Our coaching programme under Jake’s RAW Tennis banner continues as strongly as ever. Jake was asked to deliver part of the Kent county training programme – a welcome recognition for him.
  • Adding Oli Weller to the coaching programme – a home grown young level 2 coach - has been a real positive. He is playing an increasingly large role in the coaching programme generally, especially daytimes.
  • We got a small grant so we could subsidise sessions for seniors – that means over 35 in reality – these were quickly snapped up and we’ve learned there is a significant demand we can tap into.
  • We started some Sunday coaching this year –there is pent-up demand so getting that started, in a small way, is another step forward.
  • The Grade 5 & 6 junior tournaments Jake ran were a great success. These require LTA approval and it is a sign of our new status as a large club that we were successful in getting that agreement.
  • The hard courts were resprayed and look fantastic given they are now 10 years old.
  • The carpet courts have looked even better since the new contractor groundsman took over.
  • The floodlight controls have been switched over from card to cash now – and hopefully that will resolve many of the frustrations members experienced.
  • We moved courts 5, 6 & 7 onto a new electrical supply to avoid the overloading problems we had started to encounter as the evening coaching and social sessions grew.
  • Several new team captains emerged, some looking after the adult teams and others the juniors.
  • Changing the date of the club’s annual tournament from July to September seems to have been a good move.
  • Our club’s social side remains strong with terrific social events – some involving tennis, others not.


Our teams all held their positions in the leagues with our men’s 2 team promoted after winning their division last winter. We are looking forward to entering a ladies team in summer 2019 for the first time is many years – a sign that our efforts to attract and develop female players are, at last, starting to pay off.  


TennisMark ended as a concept on 1st October 2018.  In future, LTA registration is much more focused on safeguarding issues. OWLTC successfully met those criteria this autumn.


Squash and Racketball

Although not in attendance Ross Hartley subsequently submitted the following report

  • Mike Drodz has stood down as Treasurer, after two years of service. Tom Roberts elected to replace him.
  • Ross Hartley to stand down as Chairman of OWSRC after what will be seven years of service. A successor to be identified this year and appointed at our AGM in October 2019.
  • Both courts have received annual routine refurbishment this year to maintain playing conditions.
  • The OWSRC Squash and Racketball handicap tournaments are scheduled to start in February and concluded in April.
  • The OWSRC Priory League Squash team has been promoted yet again - a fantastic achievement.
  • The OWSRC funds are very healthy. A proposal to be made to Council at next meeting.
  • A request has been received from the OWSRC Membership for a drinking water suply to be installed in the changing area - to benefit both OWSRC and other OWA clubs. I will raise this at next Council meeting.


Although not in attendance Jane Paton submitted the following report


We have had a successful year.

The league netball team won their respective division in the North Kent league and continue to play in a competitive environment on Saturday mornings at indoor venues away from Hayes Hill.


The Wednesday evening "Back to Netball" club has continued term time outdoors on the MUGA. New members have joined, but numbers have tailed off slightly leading to sessions being called off on occasions. However, the group remain committed and these sessions provide netball for all abilities in a social environment.

I founded the Club with Denise Pilgrim in 2012 and have had an enjoyable five plus years but have now stood down from the Chair for personal reasons.


An EGM was held last week and Toni Junge was appointed as our new Chairperson, I trust the OWA will provide her with support and encouragement moving forward. Toni has also been treasurer of the club and we are in a healthy financial position with approximately £1,500 in reserves.


I wish Toni and the Ladies every success moving forward and will look to visit the Club whenever I can in the future.


  1. Any Other Business


Mike Pike thanked Alex Forbes for all the work he had done on the website.


Ian Pilgrim enquired if the Level One football coaching sessions that are taking place three times a year on Saturdays and which are filled with outsiders are bringing in sufficient remuneration to compensate for their impact on the Club's facilities. He was advised that all aspects of these days are being kept under review.


The possibility of getting new lighting on the MUGA is being looked at by the Tennis and Netball Club.


Richard Smart suggested that as the number of attendees at the AGM was disappointing given the Club's overall number of members, then perhaps consideration should be given to moving the date of the meeting to January. This would avoid the inevitable conflict which takes place with outside social events in December. However, it was acknowledged that the weather in January tends to be more severe and a greater deterrent to people venturing outdoors if it is not necessary.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 9:55pm.

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