OWLTC 2020 American tournament

Posted 26th January 2020

A rather windy but dry Saturday afternoon saw 22 members battle out the second round of the club’s 2020 Rolling American Competition, after two rounds the leading point scorers are:

James Goskie                    33.5
Jojo Guillou                    32
Anne Gurr                       28
Nick Kananagh           27
Rob Kingdon                     26.5
Richard North                   25
Tony Clark                      24.5
Laura Perrins                   24
Tom North                       24
Annabel Stone           23.5
Martin Partridge                22.5

Date for your diary, the 3rd round will take place Saturday 2nd May at 2pm.

A good turnout with 24 entrants on 18th Jan, and the use of up to 6 courts made for a good afternoon, the leading 10 contenders after round 1 are:

Jojo Guillou            18
James Goskie            16.5
Nick Kavanagh   16
Rob Kingdon             15
Jane Parker             14
Annabel Stone   14
Anne Gurr               13.5
Archie Hares            13.5
May                             13.5
Derek Seston            13

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