OW Squash and Racketball Club

This friendly club has around 68 members using two heated courts that are soon to be rennovated at a cost of approx £2200. We run friendly (and more competitive) tournaments throughout the year for both squash and racketball – for members wishing to take part. Additionally, we will soon be implementing a ladder league to encourage competitive play amongst our membership.

We have one team participating in the Kent Priory Squash Leagues who play in the winter and summer competitions. We hope to field a second team in the coming year or so.  

The annual membership is only £35 for adults and £20 for juniors – one of the cheapest you’ll find anywhere. Upon signing up as a member, you are also asked to pay a one-off fee of £4 for a key that gives access to the courts and changing rooms. Our coin-fed light meters provide 45 minutes play for £5.   The club places great emphasis on the social aspects of membership as well as on the competitive element. New members, especially ladies and juniors are always welcome.

The club also has a table tennis table at its disposal, and that can be used in the squash courts.  Courts can be booked for table tennis in the same way as for racketball and squash. We have an online system for court booking, which is fast and easy. 

Membership of the club is open to everyone and you can join by contacting Lee Sheppard 07917634420 or you can send an email to lee.d.sheppard@hotmail.co.uk

Ross Hartley- Chairman

February 2017 

Squash Book a Court